30 May 2024

Football memorabilia for all UK football teams


Of course there are several teams who have taken their nicknames from birds, of the feathered variety of course !! 

Ask most people to list those they know and they will probably come back with The Magpies of Newcastle United, The Canaries of Norwich City, The Owls of Sheffield Wednesday and maybe The Eagles of Crystal Palace. By the way, The Magpies is also the nickname of Notts County and Maidenhead United (see below). 

 There is other teams that share “birdy” football nicknames as well. For example there are at least nine teams Im aware of  who call themselves The Robins – Swindon Town, Bristol City, Cheltenham, Evesham United, Altrincham, Ilkeston, Selby Town, Bracknell Town and Ashton United all share this particular nickname. Wrexham used this nickname in their early days as well !! Then you have a couple of seaside towns football clubs whose nicknames reflect one of the more noisier inhabitants. Brighton call themselves The Seagulls while Torquay are known as The Gulls. 

Some of the more unusual bird species are also used by some teams, Bradford City carry the nickname The Bantams (a type of chicken), Cardiff City are The Bluebirds non league Lewes are the Rooks and how many non ornithologists know what a Throstle, West Broms nickname, is ? Anyway, a Throstle is a type of thrush, not surprising they didnt call themselves by its more common name I suppose !! There is also some nicknames which arent used as frequently now, I wonder for example how many Leeds fans can explain their old nickname The Peacocks? Or how many of the younger Walsall fans understand the significance of The Swifts? 

 Of course there is a very good reason (in most cases) behind how the nicknames above came about, to find out just go to the relevant teams page to get a detailed explanation.