29 May 2024

Football memorabilia for all UK football teams


Animals do give quite a bit of scope for a football team to choose a nickname that perhaps puts a bit of fear into the oppossition, so with that in mind theres probably an element of truth in Millwalls “The Lions” nickname, so named due to the team playing in “The Den”.

However its hard to imagine what sort of image Tamworth are looking to portray with their The Lambs nickname !!! 

By the way theyre known as this because they play at The Lamb Ground.

And so the “powerful” animal theme goes on with The Bulls of Hereford, The Rams at Derby, The Stags at Mansfield and The Tigers of Hull City and Gloucester.

However you then start to wonder why you would call yourselves “The Shrews”, until of course you realise its just a shortening of the football teams name – we are talking about Shrewsbury of course.

Then we come to the canine variety, namely dogs and foxes, Huddersfield Town call themselves The Terriers while Leicester of course are famously known as The Foxes.

Of course if we are talking about dogs we also need to mention cats, this brings us nicely onto The Black Cats of Sunderland !!

Now I’m guessing most football fans would have heard of the majority of the nicknames above, and could probably name the team as well, however how many would know the actual reasoning behind the name ?

To find out just go to the relevant teams page to get an explanation.