30 May 2024

Football memorabilia for all UK football teams


Match worn boots

In the “good old days” players used to wear football boots till they wore out, which could be 2 or 3 seasons, maybe more.

Now it seems the actual life span of a boot is measured in weeks not seasons !!

Maybe this comes down in some ways to the “fashion” element of the boot and the player likes to keep up with the trends?

Maybe its the fact that most players have boot deals so have to keep wearing their sponsors latest offerings?

Maybe its down to them wanting to wear a different colour every game?

Who knows?

One thing is certain though and that is the fact that the football boots short working lifetime means that more and more are coming onto the football memorabilia market so creating another area of match worn “collectables”.

Even more so now with the fashion of most players having their names woven into the boots leather meaning that a collector can be sure its that players boot.

They can be found in many different places, again though you need to be very careful and the advice offered about match worn shirts holds good for this area of memorabilia as well.

You need to be really sure that what your buying is the real deal and not just a boot thats being lying around in the players agents car boot, or even maybe been owned by the player but not actually used in a game. Its a difficult area to work out whats genuine or not so you need to be vigilant.

Of course Ebay is an avenue open to you for buying match worn boots but I would suggest taking great care and only use a seller with an excellent reputation in that area and feedback to back it up before splashing out your cash.

Autographed boots

Any of the above can of course be autographed, this though will increase the value and as such leaves you open to be being ripped off if you don’t take care and fully research your purchase … and more importantly, the seller !!

Please dont let the above comments put you off this area of football memorabilia, it is though perhaps an area where you cant really build up a very big collection …. unless of course you have got very deep pockets !!