17 June 2024

Football memorabilia for all UK football teams


Most people when they hear the words “football magazine” will automatically think of the modern day versions such as Shoot, Match Of The Day, 442 etc, however football magazines have been around for a very long time.

In fact as way back the late 1870’s there were football publications, these were of course black and white editions and the football magazine as we know it today didn’t really take off until 1951 when Charles Buchan released his Football Monthly.

Since then there has been several releases which provide a brilliant area of football memorabilia for the collector. The only problem is of course the room your going to need to keep them, for instance Soccer Star ran for nearly 1000 issues which is a lot of magazines !!

What these pages is all about is just highlighting some of these old magazines with a very short history of them and an example of what they looked like and the sort of features they had in them.

Its not going to be some sort of bibliography for each of the magazines with edition numbers and the like, its purely and simply just a quick summary of what is out there in the world of football magazine memorabilia.

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