30 May 2024

Football memorabilia for all UK football teams


Arsenal have of course now moved to the Emirates Stadium but Arsenal Football Club will be forever historically associated with Highbury Stadium.

The picture below is taken from a Football Review magazine in the early 70’s.

To save you straining your eyes reading the small text it is copied out below;

“With a limit set at 63,000 Arsenals Highbury ground has one of the largest capacities in the league and seating for 17,500. The record gate at the ground was for a First Division game against Sunderland in March 1935 – 73,295. The Highbury playing surface measures 110 yards by 71 yards. Player inset : Defender Jeff Blockley, capped by England last season.”

I have also found an absolutely stunning piece of old film footage on Google that shows the old Highbury Stadium as it used to be in the 1970s.

Older fans will find this brings back some great (and not so great) memories while younger fans who never experienced what these football grounds used to be like might just get a feel for why us “older” fans go on about the “good old days” !!

The Old Highbury Stadium footage

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