30 May 2024

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The 6.57 are well known as Portsmouth main hooligan firm, so named after the first available train on a morning into London the group have had several books issued documenting their exploits as follows.

Rolling with the 6.57 Crew: The True Story of Pompey’s Legendary Football Fans – Rob Silvester/Cass Pennant

Official Synopsis.

Portsmouth’s 657 Crew: the most talked-about casual football firm of the eighties and nineties. Never out of the headlines, this notorious gang took their name from the time of the train they caught to away games, following their team fanatically around the country with the kind of dedication only a football fan knows.

Here, the crew reveals its story. Author Cass Pennant gains access to the main faces of the crew and tells all: the intense rivalry between Portsmouth and neighbours Southampton, the violence on and off the terraces and the comradeship between crew members.

Playing Up with Pompey: The Story of the Portsmouth 6.57 Crew – Bob Beech

Official Synopsis.

During the 1980s, a new youth phenomena swept across the football terraces in the UK: the casuals had appeared on the football scene. They formed style-conscious gangs who took the soccer wars to a new level.

One of these gangs became known as the Portsmouth 6-57 Crew, for the simple reason that enabled the main firm to get to London to catch the connection to various northern outposts.

Author Bob Beech has followed Pompey all his life, took part and witnessed many of the events that made the Pompey 6-57 Crew one of the most talked about football firms of all time.

6.57: The Story of Pompey’s Hooligan Crew – John Payne

Official Synopsis.

6.57…three numbers that are synonymous with the dark world of football hooliganism.

The 6.57 crew were the violent faction that attached itself to Portsmouth Football Club during the 1980’s and reeked havoc the length and breadth of the country.

After serving their apprenticeship in the lower leagues, the crew made the step up and were ready to take on the might of The Bushwackers, Headhunters and Soul Crew.

This book is an insight into the formation of the crew and the events that made it one of the most feared in the country. Told through actual reports, the words of crew members and over 300 previously unseen photographs this book is one of the most complete records of an English hooligan firm.

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