30 May 2024

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Nottingham Forest

Never heard of this book until I put this site together and cant find any reviews of it anywhere so all I can give you is the official synopsis.

Inside the “Forest Executive Crew” – Gary Boatsy Clarke and Martin King

Official Synopsis

Gary ‘Boatsy’ Clarke is one of the founder members of The Forest Executive Crew, one of football’s most feared firms.

Clarke held a season ticket at Nottingham Forest for 5 years before being the first person in Nottinghamshire to receive a civil banning order.

He has also been arrested over 30 times at games and has 15 convictions for football-related incidents. He has received five banning orders and served three terms in prison for football violence.

A real look at football hooliganism that leaves no stones unturned.

As well as being able to pick this up Ebay and Amazon we may eventually add it to the loads of other football hooligan books for sale on our own Footybooks site here.