14 July 2024

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Hull City

The full title of this book is “City Psychos: From the Monte Carlo Mob to the Silver Cod Squad – Four Decades of Terrace Terror” which is a bit of a mouthful so well just call it City Psychos.

I read this years ago and if I remember rightly it was a cracking read, probably one of the better ones Ive read.

City Psychos – Shaun Tordoff

Official Synopsis

Hull is England’s forgotten city. Its East Coast seaport trawlermen and dockers have long prized a culture of heavy drinking and hard fighting. Against this backdrop, the Swinging Sixties left a legacy of skinhead, suedehead and bootboy gangs who roamed the narrow streets and sink estates, warring over turf and for local pride.

Divided by their support for the city’s two rugby league clubs, only one banner could bring them together: that of Hull City FC.

More than a hooligan memoir, City Psychos is an extraordinary account of growing up among the tribes of a gang-oriented city in an era when football violence became a national phenomenon. 

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