14 July 2024

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Another excellent football hooligan book that is a great read, as well as the usual elements of hooligan books it also goes into pretty gory detail about the use of stanley knives that the Merseyside firms were infamous for, fair play to the author on this score as he doesnt hide away from the fact.


Official Synopsis

For twenty years, Andy Nicholls was one of the most active football hooligans in the country and a leading figure among the violent followers of Everton Football Club.

Classified as a Category C thug – the worst kind – he amassed more than twenty arrests for football related offences and is banned from every ground in the UK.

Scally deals head-on with the vicious knife attacks perpetrated by the shadowy County Road Cutters, chronicles the bitter Manchester-Merseyside battles that left scores injured and describes enduring rivalries with the gangs of Aberdeen, Chelsea, Millwall, Middlesbrough and many more.

Scally caused a storm of controversy on first publication and is widely acknowledged as the most revealing, most shocking book ever written about soccer gang culture.

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