14 July 2024

Football memorabilia for all UK football teams


Im sure everyone has heard the stories about how some sets of hooligans will band together with another teams on occasions.

Apparently the Liverpool and Everton mobs used to do it on a regular basis for the visits of the bigger London teams, however the Dundee situation is probably unique in that theirs is an “official” joint firm, The Utility.

I havent read this one yet but I bet its an interesting read understanding how that situation works !!

After The Match The Game Begins – Kenny McCall and John Robb

Official Synopsis

The Dundee Utility stands apart from other football firms. Its members are drawn not from the supporters of one team, but from two – Dundee United and Dundee FC – all of whom share the same passion: their city. The two bands of fans stand united, except on derby day, of course!

In this compelling book, authors Kenny McCall and John Robb present the complete inside story of the Utility from their unique positions, each supporting Dundee United and Dundee respectively.

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