14 July 2024

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I read this ages ago and to be honest cant really remember much about it, I do recall though being surprised at the sort of numbers the author talked about in the “crew”, the turnouts never seemed to be in the hundreds like most big clubs used to get and the author talks about 70 or 80 being a big number.

This surprised me because Ive been at Newcastle a couple of times when Celtic have visited in friendlies and they brought thousands of fans down so I would have expected the hooligan percentage to have been higher, but apparently not.  

Celtic Soccer Crew (What The Hell Do we Care) – John O’Kane

Official Synopsis

The memoirs of the founder of the Celtic Soccer Crew. John O’Kane has 33 criminal convictions, not counting the countless cases dropped or for which he was found not guilty. He was remanded nine times, including once for attempted murder at age 18.

He founded the Celtic Soccer Crew in 1984 and it is still active today.

They are an unusual crew in that, in O’Kane’s time, it included their girlfriends and they had to survive despite the majority of the Celtic fans being against them.

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Celtic Soccer Crew (Celtic Casuals – Old Bhoys) – John O’Kane

Official Synopsis

There isnt one !!

I also cant find any reviews anywhere or any other details about this. It was released a couple of years after the first one so Im assuming its definitely a new book but I cant be sure so check before buying it just in case its a rerelease.