14 July 2024

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Cardiff City

The Soul Crew are well known as Cardiff Citys main hooligan firm and have had several books issued documenting their exploits as follows.

Soul Crew

Official Synopsis.

The Inside Story of Britain’s Most Violent Hooligan Gang; The Cardiff Soul Crew are recognised by police intelligence officers as the most violent football hooligan gang currently active in Britain. Their 400-plus members have been involved in mass disorder at matches for more than twenty-five years. Yet they have largely escaped the notoriety of their English counterparts – until now. Two men closely involved with the gang tell its history from its origins through to the present day: their leaders, their fashions, how they organise and who they fight.

“Soul Crew” relates how an infamous clash with Manchester United’s Red Army in the mid-Seventies was the impetus for the formation of the mob. A core group of hardcases from the tough Docks area of Cardiff was joined by alienated, unemployed youths from the valleys and former pit villages of South Wales. They took their name from their love of soul music and adopted the ‘casual’ fashion of designer-label clothes. In time they would fight fierce battles with rivals like the Frontline Crew, the Bushwhackers, the Gooners and the Central Element.

“Soul Crew” also reveals for the first time the network of alliances and communications between the leading hooligans around the country: the so-called “Category C” thugs who organise much of the violence. And it tells of their cat-and-mouse relationship with the police spotters who now follow them everywhere From the publishers of the best-selling Guvnors and Blades Business Crew, “Soul Crew” is the best evocation yet of life running with a soccer mob.

Diary of the Soul Crew 2

Official Synopsis.

This book is not just your normal Lads/Hooligan book, its a book which has given the likes of Leeds,Man Utd, Plymouth, Barnsley,WBA,Bristol City,Millwall,Birmingham, Chelsea and others a chance to write about their experieces against The Soul Crew and Cardiff’s Lads, its their accounts whether Cardiff like it or not. Also their are 4 major stories from an ex News of The World reporter,to the head of the Valley Rams,to a very well known lad who really got caught up in the fighting, wether he liked it or not and an ex Director of Cardiff who was on the fringes of the fighting.

The book also has let some of Cardiffs main faces tell their tales, Mac, Big Sam, Jonathan Evans, Simmo, Mallo, Simon(Neath Punk),Kadge, Little Pete,Taffy Anton and many more. The book also tells the True story of a Lad Called Tony Ridgeway(Guff), who spent 7 weeks locked up in a Foreign Prison on a trumpt up charge .

The book explains how Cardiff fans tried to work with the Authorities,with some being helpful, while others continued to treat Cardiff fans like Scum,so it failed after 5 years of trying. I will also show how the hatred has never gone away in local Derbies.but at the same time how times have dramatically changed.

Diary of the Real Soul Crew

Official Synopsis.

The Cardiff City Soul Crew have been one of the most active football firms in this country for past 4 decades. This brutally, honest and open account is told by the people who were there on the front line and the firms that fought against them.

Soul Crew Seasiders

Official Synopsis.

The story of a young boy growing up on Barry Island, near Cardiff which was once home to the Butlins holiday camp.

It tracks his journey through the 70s, 80s, 90s up until today as a member of Cardiff Citys notorious Soul Crew hooligan gang.

Written with humour and an unflinching honesty, this book is a must for anyone interested in hooliganism and its causes and motives.

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