30 May 2024

Football memorabilia for all UK football teams

Birmingham City

Birmingham City are another of those football clubs who have been intrinsically linked with football hooliganism, thats mainly due to the hooligan known as the “Zulus” who followed the team. Most football lads have heard of them and the books that have been written about them are a really good read.

Zulus – Caroline Gall

Birmingham’s Zulu Army occupies a unique place in the annals of terrace violence: it’s a mixed race gang.

Journalist Caroline Gall was granted unprecedented access to the gang and spent a year interviewing Zulu leaders and foot soldiers.

She examines their rivalry with neighbours Aston Villa and how clashes with other firms such as the ICF and the Soul Crew saw them become one of the top five mobs in the country.

She uncovers their role in some of the worst football-related riots of modern times and looks at Operation Red Card, the successful police operation against them.

Apex to Zulu – David George

For those who need to pigeonhole it as a football firm book it has its share of encounters.

From generals, foot soldiers, spotters and bystanders, and for a change the opposition.

Who beat who was always contentious, but now times have changed and both sides older and wiser are willing to tell it straight.

The labels that the pioneering fashionistas adorned have been comprehensively explored, the photo section sets new standards showing the way they behaved.

From Blues landing heavy to Red Star Belgrade and the back cover I defy any man not to smile. Anybody who has a love for youth culture books from The Wanderers, The Warriors, Skinhead, Suedehead, A Clockwork Orange, Quadrophenia, and Trainspotting to The Football Factory will enjoy this timely mix of social satire and ace faces nostalgically recalling them were the days.

Jim Brown of UB40 has the final word and pavement philosophy in the form of Kingy’s poetry is crow-barred in for creative measure.

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