30 May 2024

Football memorabilia for all UK football teams

Fanzines A

What we have tried to do here is list as many football fanzines for teams with the initial “A”, obviously the list is nowhere near complete and we dont for one minute think we have managed to identify every fanzine.

We would appreciate any help in identifying any that we havent yet listed. Just drop us a line through the “contact us” form with the name of the fanzine …… and of course the team it relates to. 

Aberdeen Fanzines

Paper TigerThe Northern LightThe Red Final

Abersytwth Fanzines

Linesman, Your Rubbish  

Aber Town Fanzines

Smiling Saint  

Accrington Stanley Fanzines

The Barbers Pole Theres No F In Roof 

AFC Wimbledon

Womble Underground Press

Airdrie Fanzines

Only The Lonely  

Albion Rovers

Over The Wall  

Aldershot Fanzines

Shots In The Dark Resurrecting The Shots 

Alsager Bank Fanzines

Home Banker  

Arbroath Fanzines

Tomato Soup & Lentils  

Ards Fanzines

We’re All Going Down To Davy Lees  

Arsenal Fanzines

Echo EchoThe Gunners PostGunflash
On The BoxHighbury HighHighbury Wizard
One Nil Down, Two One UpRed ForeverThe Gooner
Arsenal In The EightiesUp The ArseAn Imperfect match
The Arsenal ReportsIASA NewsArsenal Historian & Collector

An Improbale Mish-Mish.  An Impecunious Misfit.  An Impossible Mission

(The above 3 were reviewed in One Nil Down Two One Up but havent been confirmed)

Arthurlie Fanzines

The Home Of Football  

Ashford Town

After Arter  


The Pit Pony Express  

Aston Villa

The Villa BugleHeroes And VillainsHoly Trinity
Missing SidThe Witton WagWitton Wisdom
Never Loved Ellis  

Auchinleck Talbot Fazines

3 In A Row  


One Reggie Harris  

Aylesbury United

The Ugly Duckling  

Ayr United

Four – One The Honest Truth