30 May 2024

Football memorabilia for all UK football teams

Singleton and Cole

We cant find out a lot about this company other than they were based in Shrewsbury and began production of cigarette cards in the early 1900’s.

They only appear to have released one set of football cigarette cards and these were simply called “Footballers”.

Issued in 1905 they were in a black and white format and featured 50 footballers of the era. Strangely though these players only covered 12 teams.

Very rare now any original cards that come on the market can go for up to £100 a card.

Luckily though for football memorabilia collectors there was a reprint commissioned in 2001 and sets can now be picked up for around about the £25 – £30 mark.

The players and teams featured in this particular cigarette card set are;

Manchester City – Meredith, Hynds, Burgess and McMahon.

Everton – Balmer, Sharp, Taylor and Roose.

Aston Villa – Brawn, Leake, Spencer and Hampton.

Sheffield United – Needham, Brown, Lipsham and Wilkinson.

Sheffield Wednesday – Davies, Crawshaw and Layton.

Newcastle United – Aitken, McCombie, Veitch and Rutherford.

Sunderland – Bridgett and Watson.

Middlesbrough – Williamson and Common.

Nottingham Forest – Morris.

Bury – Ross and Sagar.

Blackburn Rovers – Crompton, Blackburn and Wolstenholme.

Bolton Wanderers – Davies.