14 July 2024

Football memorabilia for all UK football teams

Godfrey Phillips

Unfortunately we have very little information about these football cigarette cards, they were issued in 1936 by a company called Godfrey Phillips Ltd and according to the back of the card were a set of 50.

That is though the only info we’ve got, we cant find any record of Godfrey Phillips issuing any other sets of football cigarette cards but we would welcome any information to the contrary !!

As mentioned above there were 50 in the series but we have only been able to identify 30 of these so faras listed below;

Arsenal – C Bastin,

Aston Villa – Massie, Astley, Phillips

Birmingham City – Stoker

Brentford – Hopkins, Richards, McCulloch

Celtic – McGrory

Charlton Athletic – Hobbis

Chelsea – Bambrick

Derby County – Barker, Bowers, Napier

Everton – Dixie Dean, Sagar

Glasgow Rangers – Simpson

Grimsby Town – Bestall

Hearts – T Walker

Huddersfield Town – Young

Leicester City – E O’Callaghan

Liverpool – Cooper

Manchester City – Broox, P.Doherty, Tilson

Middlesbrough – G Camsell, R.Birkett

Newcastle United – Weaver

Portsmouth – Easson, F.Worrall

Sheffield Wednesday – Rimmer

Stoke City – Matthews

Sunderland – Carter, Connor

West Brom – Murphy

West Ham Utd – Marshall

A few examples of Godfrey Phillips football cigarette cards

As you can imagine these cards are pretty scarce now but we do have some for sale on our Footybits site, if your interested in these particular football cigarette cards simply click here.